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Convo’s mission is to reimagine how teams communicate in the virtual environment while prioritizing compassion and self-awareness for everyone in the room. In this way, our product opens lines of communication for tough conversations surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) and mental wellness in the workplace. 

To achieve our mission, Convo uses a human-centered approach by gathering simple data from employees as they perform regular interactions of team meetings. Through our application and framework, we seek to build a future of work that is more sustainable through greater diversity, job satisfaction, performance, and human experience. 

One of the greatest challenges teams in corporate America are facing is employee retention and turnover. It is Convo’s vision to stimulate generative leadership and emotional connection in organizations, going beyond surface-level solutions for workplace culture, and investing in the development of more compassionate leaders and teams in the virtual workplace.

Convo seeks to create a world where psychological safety and trust is the baseline in all work environments - inclusion, belonging, wellness, and individual growth for all employees regardless of race, gender, age, or ability is an expectation. 

Let Convo be your team’s newest advocate for compassion.

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Mission & Vision: Our Technology
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