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Our application and framework

Convo is an HR technology solution that equips employees and leaders to develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness through communicating in the virtual space. Our solution provides insights for individual employees, as well as trends in management and culture company-wide. In this way, Convo appeals to employees, leaders, and executives looking to fill gaps in understanding themselves and their teammates more effectively.

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Emma Koramshahi, CEO, and Julia Breskin, COO, met as classmates in their dual degree MA/MBA Design Leadership program at MICA and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in the summer of 2020. Like many other programs, what had been anticipated to be an intensive, in-person graduate school experience was abruptly moved to remote, online classes. Learning how to communicate in a virtual space felt like learning a new language and familiar ways of forming emotional and professional connections no longer held true. From this experience, Emma and Julia realized that we, as a society, have been given an opportunity to reinvent the way that we communicate. Through skills in human-centered design and business strategy, as well as their experience with effective teaming and leading organizations, Emma and Julia have applied their experience, studies, and expertise to create Convo.

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